The importance of Design in a Private Garden — Part 1
15 Mar 2021
Landscape Architecture

Design is very often looked at as the aesthetic aspect of something, but it is actually much more than what's visible at first glance:

“Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.”

- Steve Jobs

Although the design of your garden will contribute to the first visual impact of your house and its appearance is a very relevant factor, there is a whole series of systems, processes, protocols and procedures that are not perceptible and these require qualified professionals so that all the aspects of your garden can work together, sustainably. 

More than just being noticed, design should be enjoyed and experienced. This is why a well-designed and well-planned garden is a garden that works well and makes you feel good. Design doesn't start with trying to add aesthetic value to your garden. It starts with the questions "How are the ecological systems in this garden going to work?", "How do you want to experience this garden?", and "How do you want others to experience it?". These are the first three questions we want to answer.


Written by Daniel Romão